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another journey of my life

Hi everyone! How are you?

The last time I wrote my diary was on 28th of July 2007. That was my last year  birthday. Today is 5th of Mar 2008. It is about 8 or 9 months that I have never writing anything on this electronic diary.

It does not mean that I have stop writing. I still keep on writing  my diary on paper. For some reason I lack of interest to share my privacy online.

I was in New York with my friends while I wrote my previous diary. But this time I am in Hong Kong alone.

I just booked the ticket to Hong Kong just a few days ago. My brain is empthy and have no idea what da fcuk I gonna do here.

Hong Kong still busy busy and busy as it used to be. By the way in this busy city there is a stupid Kenny fcuking around here.

You know what today I just spent my day in the gym.....doing nothing.... just typing my diary. Fcuk you Kenny!!!

Now I am fcuking crazy man....this is what I learn from some of my friend while I am in Hong Kong

'Sometimes you need to sacrify somethings you like ... if you wanna move furthur' Sunny

'You must be careful when you do business, remember it is your business you cannot trust anyone more than youself' Max

'When you quit a job, you are just a piece of shi t for them' Richard

'You are stupid!' Aswin

'Don't fcuk me any more Kenny' Chai



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Posted on Wed 5 Mar 2008 15:46

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